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Getting the Grade

The Urban Teen / Making The Grade

Establishing and practicing good study habits in high school can help you keep those same habits in college. If you can learn how to manage your time well, you won’t feel stressed and frustrated each time an important class deadline approaches. In addition, you’ll feel confident and ready to face your classes each day.

Skincare For A Healthy Clear Complexion

teen skincare

Let’s face it, being a teen is hard enough without having to worry about skin problems. Unfortunately, these conditions peak in the teenage years and continue well into our adulthood. To help improve the likelihood of healthy skin, a skin plan containing the following four tips should be followed.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Shiny Hair

The Urban Teen

At one time or another, almost every girl has experienced flat, dull, and frizzy hair. No matter what your hair naturally looks like, there are several products you can use and at-home remedies to help your hair stay shiny and to reduce frizz. Check out the following list of tricks to help get shiny hair.

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