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Stylish Phone Cases


Let’s face it; you can express your style with pretty much anything you carry these days.  Your phone case is a good example of this.  What you decide to encase and protect your phone with can be an expression of mood, style and even make a statement if you so desire.  With so many options online as well as in stores, your choices are endless.   I found some pretty cool cases on  they have a lot of phone case designs from patterns to cool styles as well as funny themes.  You can even personalize with monograms, names and colors if  that’s what you like.

Nail Art

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Nail art is the most prominent fashion and beauty phenomenon of 2012. Ladies have always gotten manicures as part of their regular beauty regimens.  Having pretty hands has always been a symbol of high status, and since manicures are so affordable, nearly every person is able to get one.  Over the past year, manicures have gone from being something people did to pamper themselves to being expressions for tiny pieces of art.

Top Fall Fashion Trends

The Urban Teen / Fall Fashion Trends

In 2012, We have a number of new fashion trends to explore in our own way. With bright colors, fun skirts, boots in a riot of new styles and a ton of accessories we can find new ways to express our own individual style with a variety of trends coming from England, France, Asia and around the world.

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