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Tropical Print


Since summer is coming to its’ end, I decided to do a look before we head into the Fall. I have really been loving tropical/floral prints lately and when I found this blouse, I had to have it.  This blouse just happens to be my favorite article of clothing right now.

Spring is Here!

emmy spring hat 1

Hi everyone!  This is my first look that I’m putting on the site and it is a slight boho chic spring look ! Neon colors, chiffon tops, and high waisted shorts are all in right now!  I’ve added into this look with a tribal print backpack that ties everything together. Since the weather is really starting to warm up, I had to take out my sunglasses, a big floppy straw hat, and a pair of light sandals!

#UOONYOU – Urban Outfitters


Hey Everybody!  Being online these days is a fun way to express our individual style and fashion sense and we all love doing it with instagram.  Well now Urban Outfitters is featuring looks created by you in UO and posting via instagram. Read this -

Heel Fantastique

It seems every Fashionista online these days are sporting these eye catching heels; they are the very popular Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita shoe.  Consider them the trendiest, hippest and most favored among the must have’s in the well heeled world.  At first glance they are almost intimidating with how high the heels are.  But really when you look at how well outfits look with these fabulous shoes, it’s no wonder how these have become a staple in every fashionista’s shoe wardrobe.  the original Jeffrey Campbells can set you back a few so if the price tag doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t fret because there are copycats out there that won’t break your piggy bank.

Top Fall Fashion Trends

The Urban Teen / Fall Fashion Trends

In 2012, We have a number of new fashion trends to explore in our own way. With bright colors, fun skirts, boots in a riot of new styles and a ton of accessories we can find new ways to express our own individual style with a variety of trends coming from England, France, Asia and around the world.

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