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If there is one definite way to make yourself feel and look great, it’s by having toned abs. And by exercising them you will not only help lose the fat in that area, you’ll give yourself that toned mid section that we all stive for.  But you don’t want to spend your time doing exercises that don’t actually do anything.  So what are the top five belly busters that really work?  Below is the perfect mixture of exercises that you can do from the comfort of your own bedroom floor – do twice a day, and see the difference!

1. The plank.

This is really easy, and you’ll be able to feel the burn almost immediately. Lying on your front, lean on your arms (elbows to wrists) and push yourself up on your toes. You should be level, like a plank. It may hurt, but hold it for thirty seconds, relax, and then do it again.

2. Sit ups.

Most people know about these, and they are super simple. Lie on your back with your knees drawn up. Put your hands to your head, and using your stomach muscles pull yourself to a sitting position – careful not to knock your knees! And relax. Do this thirty times.

3. Bicycle crunch.

Stay lying on your back, and pull your legs up straight in the air. Keeping your hands on your head, tilt your head to the left and simultaneously pull your left knee to your chest. Now turn the opposite way and pull the opposite leg towards you. Keep going for one minute.

4. Cross crunch.

Still lying on your back (see how easy this exercise thing is?) put your arms and legs out like a starfish. Then, keeping them completely straight, bring your left leg and right arm together above you, then the opposite ones. Again, continue for one minute.

5. Push yourself up.

This one is challenging – sitting cross-legged, put your hands down solidly either side of you. Tense your stomach muscles, and then push yourself up so you are hovering slightly.  Hold for five, and then lower yourself down. Do this ten times.

Do these twice a day, everyday for atleast 6 weeks – you’ll be happy with the results.

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