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Establishing and practicing good study habits in high school can help you keep those same habits in college. If you can learn how to manage your time well, you won’t feel stressed and frustrated each time an important class deadline approaches. In addition, you’ll feel confident and ready to face your classes each day.

Creating a Place to Study
To become a good student in high school and college, you need to set good study habits. You can start working on these habits by establishing a quiet place for you to study and work each day. A peaceful room that is free of all distractions can make an excellent place to read and write. If you can’t free up some space in your home for your homework sessions, start using a public library.

Staying Organized
Staying organized helps you keep track of every important deadline and paper. To keep track of test dates and homework deadlines, start using a planner. You can use a notebook or even a program on your computer to help you stay ahead of your deadlines. For file organization, use binders and folders to hold your most important papers. Try to resist the urge to simply stuff and cram a crucial piece of paper into your backpack.

Ask for Help
If you are having trouble with a difficult concept in class, don’t be afraid to ask for help from your teacher or another adult, including your parent or guardian. Don’t wait until the day of a test to get help with a challenging concept. You can also create a small study group with your friends for more help from your peers.

Avoid Procrastination
For most students, procrastination is a tricky temptation that is difficult to face. To defeat this troublesome foe, establish a regular time to work in your usual study area. Let your family know that you don’t want to be disturbed during this time. Stay focused on your work by turning off the television and other distractions. You can reward yourself with entertainment and fun after you finish your work.

Confidence Boost
Preparing yourself properly for each day of class can help you succeed in high school. If you can conquer distractions while you study, you’ll be ready to face any assignment or test. Your hard work will show through your grades and help you feel confident about yourself. This boost of confidence will even follow you all the way to college.

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