Eye shadow and nail polish isolated on white background

Nail Colors that are Hot This Fall

Now more than ever, nails are ‘In’.  With nails being an important part of your look, don’t forget to include what’s hot and trending for this fall. First we have the classic More »

Beauty Accessories

Spring 2014 Beauty Trends To Try

Now that spring is here, it is time to throw out old shades of makeup and replace with newer, fresher color palettes. it’s also that time to think about getting a new More »

Beautiful woman with long curly hairstyle

Easy Steps for Creating Glamorous Curls

Want to add a bit of glamour to your look?  A good place to start is with your hair.  Adding glamour to your look with curls are not only easy to do More »


Why Exercise is Important for Teens

It may seem difficult for today’s young adults to find the time to get adequate exercise. With all of the distractions we face in our daily lives, from schoolwork to social media, More »

cody simpson 3

The Paradise Tour

One of my favorite music artists, that I have really gotten in to this past summer is; Cody Simpson.  I attended the Paradise tour this summer which featured Before You Exit, Ryan More »


Fall Frocks

“Fall Frocks are here!  See the newest, most amazing dresses!”  Now at Urban Outfitters, Fall trend – “The New Pant” and check out thier newest tee collection:” The Mountain X UO! One-of-a-kind, More »


Tropical Print

Since summer is coming to its’ end, I decided to do a look before we head into the Fall. I have really been loving tropical/floral prints lately and when I found this More »


Top 5 Teen Fashion Hits for Summer

This summer, the 90′s are back and better than ever! Get in on the latest trends with wedge sandals, crop tops, and frayed shorts. From soft floral prints to acid wash, here More »


#UOONYOU – Urban Outfitters

Hey Everybody!  Being online these days is a fun way to express our individual style and fashion sense and we all love doing it with instagram.  Well now Urban Outfitters is featuring More »


Urban Teen: My Clarisonic Review

There has been a lot of talk about the Clarisonic brushes in the past year or so. I’ve read many reviews and since I’m always looking to improve my skin routine, I More »

Precision Pore Cleansing Pad: Available at Sephora

Precision Pore Cleansing Pad from Sephora2

Hey Everybody, in researching on how to maintain a healthy complexion, I came across the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad from Sephora.  I was just reading the reviews and it seems like a  pretty useful tool to have around.  Plus – it’s very economical, it sells for only $5.  That’s right… $5, you can’t beat the price.  Below are the details and link to this Precision Pore cleansing Pad by Sephora:

Brandy ♥ Melville US | Just In

Brandy Melville Just In

Brandy Melville adds new inventory check it out here:  Brandy ♥ Melville US | Just In.  From Tanks, Tees, Sweaters and more.  Below are just a few of these new arrivals.  Enjoy!


Darlene Dress from Brandy Melville

Stylish Phone Cases

black_white_flowers_iphone_5_case zazzle.com

Let’s face it; you can express your style with pretty much anything you carry these days.  Your phone case is a good example of this.  What you decide to encase and protect your phone with can be an expression of mood, style and even make a statement if you so desire.  With so many options online as well as in stores, your choices are endless.   I found some pretty cool cases on zazzle.com  they have a lot of phone case designs from patterns to cool styles as well as funny themes.  You can even personalize with monograms, names and colors if  that’s what you like.

Heel Fantastique


It seems every Fashionista online these days are sporting these eye catching heels; they are the very popular Jeffrey Campbell’s Lita shoe.  Consider them the trendiest, hippest and most favored among the must have’s in the well heeled world.  At first glance they are almost intimidating with how high the heels are.  But really when you look at how well outfits look with these fabulous shoes, it’s no wonder how these have become a staple in every fashionista’s shoe wardrobe.  the original Jeffrey Campbells can set you back a few so if the price tag doesn’t fit in your budget, don’t fret because there are copycats out there that won’t break your piggy bank.

One Direction


For all of you Directioner’s, here’s a great website to keep up to date with what’s happening and new.   Stay updated with  Tweets, Recent News and Events.

Check out their gallery, music, videos’s and more:  http://www.onedirectionmusic.com/us/home/ 

News:  ”One Direction are nominated for 4 People’s Choice ”  and you can help them win by submitting your vote on their website.

News:  1D World New York is now open.  For more information check out their Recent News section on their website:   http://www.onedirectionmusic.com/us/home/ 

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Healthy Eating Habits


Many times we focus on trendy beauty products to externally enhance our hair, skin, and nails but we sometimes neglect the very building blocks of  beauty. Beauty is based on good health, and good health is maintained through a daily regimen of good nutrition. Each meal and snack should empower our bodies with the needed nutrition to maintain our healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Getting the Grade

The Urban Teen / Making The Grade

Establishing and practicing good study habits in high school can help you keep those same habits in college. If you can learn how to manage your time well, you won’t feel stressed and frustrated each time an important class deadline approaches. In addition, you’ll feel confident and ready to face your classes each day.

Skincare For A Healthy Clear Complexion

teen skincare

Let’s face it, being a teen is hard enough without having to worry about skin problems. Unfortunately, these conditions peak in the teenage years and continue well into our adulthood. To help improve the likelihood of healthy skin, a skin plan containing the following four tips should be followed.

Nail Art

Source: mygirlyside  #red #red nail polish #glitter #sparkles #OPI #nail polish

Nail art is the most prominent fashion and beauty phenomenon of 2012. Ladies have always gotten manicures as part of their regular beauty regimens.  Having pretty hands has always been a symbol of high status, and since manicures are so affordable, nearly every person is able to get one.  Over the past year, manicures have gone from being something people did to pamper themselves to being expressions for tiny pieces of art.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Shiny Hair

The Urban Teen

At one time or another, almost every girl has experienced flat, dull, and frizzy hair. No matter what your hair naturally looks like, there are several products you can use and at-home remedies to help your hair stay shiny and to reduce frizz. Check out the following list of tricks to help get shiny hair.

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