Why Exercise is Important for Teens


It may seem difficult for today’s young adults to find the time to get adequate exercise. With all of the distractions we face in our daily lives, from schoolwork to social media, it is no wonder that many teens are not getting the exercise they need. There are a number of benefits to getting regular exercise, including but not limited to: an increase in energy levels, the maintenance of a healthy weight, and even boosting your mood! It can be very beneficial for teenagers to create a habit out of exercising so as to ensure a life full of health conscious choices.

Exercise is an incredible way to release stress and forget the pressures of everyday life. It can be used as a time to unwind from the day and focus completely on yourself. Scientific studies have found that exerting energy physically is actually a fairly reliable method of boosting serotonin levels in your brain, essentially keeping you happier day to day.

Staying physically active will also help prevent a number of future health issues. If you want to avoid gaining excessive amounts of weight, hypertension problems, heart disease, and more, it is a great idea to remain in good shape.

If you find yourself too tired to want to go out and exercise, that is all the more reason to get out there! It may be difficult to get into the habit of exercising, but do it often enough and you will actually find yourself with more energy and endurance from day to day.

It is not difficult to incorporate a small amount of exercise into your daily life. This can mean biking to school, stretching out a little each day, or finding fun activities to participate in with your friends.

School sports are an incredible way to stay active and meet some great new people. Not only will you be getting a good amount of physical activity, but you will also be forging relationships with teammates that can last a lifetime.

Overall, it is incredibly important for young adults to stay active in their daily lives. With a few minutes of exercise each day you can prevent many health problems down the road and continue to lead a happy and healthy life!

Article by Shelby Andrews

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