The Paradise Tour

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One of my favorite music artists, that I have really gotten in to this past summer is; Cody Simpson.  I attended the Paradise tour this summer which featured Before You Exit, Ryan Beatty, and of course, Cody Simpson himself.  I originally went to see Ryan Beatty because I have been a long-time fan of his and still am.  I want to say that  The Paradise Tour was an amazing experience.  Before You Exit, an upcoming boy band who are actually three brothers (sound familiar?), were full of energy and were an amazing opening act.

Ryan Beatty was ofcourse amazing as always and the crowd definitely loved him and his Ed Sheeran covers. When it came to Cody’s countdown to his premiere, the crowd went crazy! I’ve known who Cody Simpson was but never really listened carefully to him before. After Cody performed I immediately fell in love with his music. Cody has recently released a new album, Surfers Paradise, which is full of songs perfect for summertime. I know that fall is creeping up fast and is practically already here but I strongly suggest you go invest in Surfers Paradise because you won’t regret it! This album’s name is a perfect match for the type of style music in the album. Many of the songs have a mellow vibe to them and even the more upbeat songs still portray what summer should be like. The songs on this album, especially “La Di Dee” and ‘Summertime of Our Lives”, have definitely been on my replay list. I don’t think I will I ever get tired of this album!  You could say I am definitely a simpsonizer now. Keep up the good work Cody! 275

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