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Healthy Eating Habits


Many times we focus on trendy beauty products to externally enhance our hair, skin, and nails but we sometimes neglect the very building blocks of  beauty. Beauty is based on good health, and good health is maintained through a daily regimen of good nutrition. Each meal and snack should empower our bodies with the needed nutrition to maintain our healthy skin, hair, and nails.

Nail Art

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Nail art is the most prominent fashion and beauty phenomenon of 2012. Ladies have always gotten manicures as part of their regular beauty regimens.  Having pretty hands has always been a symbol of high status, and since manicures are so affordable, nearly every person is able to get one.  Over the past year, manicures have gone from being something people did to pamper themselves to being expressions for tiny pieces of art.

Tips and Tricks for Getting Shiny Hair

The Urban Teen

At one time or another, almost every girl has experienced flat, dull, and frizzy hair. No matter what your hair naturally looks like, there are several products you can use and at-home remedies to help your hair stay shiny and to reduce frizz. Check out the following list of tricks to help get shiny hair.

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